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Black Water Drift Diving


Black Water Dive Trip

Want to experience an alien world full of unique sea creatures that most divers have never seen? Then you are ready to experience the Black Water Drift Diving off West Palm Beach with Walker’s Dive Charters!


Throughout the year, Walker’s Dive Charters runs night dives in the Gulf Stream to experience a completely different type of scuba diving. Black Water dives take place at night in the top 60 feet of water, but where the ocean bottom is typically over 500 feet deep — the perfect place to experience nature’s greatest migration of animal life. We encounter countless marine life such as deep water squids and octopus, deep water fish, numerous jellyfish, strange crustaceans, and many other sea creatures that often leave scientist scratching their head.

We also encounter an abundance of juvenile fish, typically measuring an inch or two, such as the beautiful bill fish (sailfish, swordfish, marlin), dolphin fish (mahi-mahi), flounders, flying fish (in many colors), eels — every possible type of larval reef or pelagic fish. These gorgeous little gems will leave you mesmerized with their color patterns or strange body shapes.

Black water drift diving information:

  • Our black water dives are tether-free! We won’t tether you to a drifting float or the boat. You are free to roam around and away from the lights and bubbles of other divers if you’d like a little more intimate black water drift diving experience.
  • Our one-tank black water dive trips typically leave around 7:30PM and we’re in the water for two hours. The price for our Black Water dive trips is $85.
  • We put a drift ball in the water with 50 feet of line and a plethora of underwater lights and disco balls as a visual reference, so drifting along is simple and stress-free.
  • A crew member and countless photo pros are always around to offer their help if this is your first black water drift dive.
  • We require a minimum of two light sources and an Advanced Scuba Diver certification.
  • Under calm conditions snorkelers are welcome, too! There are a ton of creatures to see near the surface.
  • WARNING: Black water diving is extremely addictive and good for your health. Perform at your own risk! 🙂

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