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Dolphins, Turtle & Hammerhead Shark . . . Ooo My!

Another week with FDNY Special Operations Command Scuba Unit, New York’s Bravest.  Conditions so far this week have been awesome.  We ‘ve had calm seas (1 -2 foot or less), a nice breeze, mild currents, 73 degree water and visibility has been top to bottom.  Today has been extra special as we saw Dolphins, Turtle & Hammerhead Shark . . . Ooo My!  Yes a Hammerhead Shark on the reef  ‘Bath & Tennis’.   You just never know what will come cruising through our waters as we are so close to the Gulf Stream.  Along with the Spotted Dolphins, Loggerhead Turtle and Hammerhead Shark we had schools of tropical fish, lobsters, squid (we counted eleven), grouper and eels.

You haven’t been diving in South Florida, what are you waiting for?  Come along with us and we’ll show you Florida’s best kept secret.